Teak known as the "king of trees", has been the world's advanced luxury palaces and villas, luxury cruise of choice, advanced yachts, luxury car interior material. Teak - recognized worldwide as the best wood floor, is the only sea may experience erosion and sun exposure bending and cracking of the wood it will not happen.

Our Synthetic Teak Decking is non-porous. Fish blood and Red wine are easily washed away with soap and water. a teak-effect boat decking, enhancing the looks whilst significantly reducing the maintenance required with teak. In addition to the Marine application this convincing teak-effect PVC decking is ideal under-foot for all areas around swimming pools, hot tubs, patio's and terraces.

Synthetic Teak Deck Advantages:

1. Environmental friendly, recyclable
2.Light weight, much less than real teak decking
3. Zero or Low maintenance
4. Safe for bare feet. No cracking, warping and splitting
5. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature
6. Well done of termites, insects and moldy-proof
7. High waterproofing, fireproofing, low endothermic nature
8. Light weight, super high non-skid qualities
9.classic color, texture, atmosphere, elegant.