WPC planter box board is composed mainly of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as a base material with a thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, etc., and then mixed by die extrusion heating equipment and prepared a high-tech green materials, both the performance and features of wood and plastic. Made from 100% WPC, a proven component in the building material trade, Composite groove decking is resistant to most scratches, impermeable to most weathers and best of all, will keep its natural wood grain and characteristics forever, guaranteed.

Continuous improvement of people's living standards, constantly updated today, more and more traditional landscape decorative materials be eliminated by the rapid pace of social development, municipal construction and urban greening requirements. Also there are more, superior garden decoration materials slowly onto the social arena.

WPC Planter Box Features:

1. Easy to install, convenient to construction, easy to clean, time-saving and cost-saving for installation.
2.Safe to use for 25 years.
3. Good processing features, Can be nailed, planed, cut, drilled, surface can be painted.
4. No need to maintain, easy to clean, save the maintenance fees.
5.Eco friendly, Innovative technology, Lifestyle