Our company offers high-quality wpc pavilion, corrosion-acid, maintenance-free. Follow the market demand and local economic conditions, focusing on energy, materials, pay attention to the rational use of land resources, to promote plain simple, and maximize the use of new technologies, new materials, new equipment, to achieve a good price. WPC product pest control, anti-moth, a variety of colors to choose from, there is a sense of wood and wood texture reflect the color can also be customized as a client, and does not produce waste, all waste can be recycled.

WPC pavilion with its high corrosion resistance, weather resistance, aging, acid, simple construction, no cracking, deformation and many other advantages, gradually being loved by the majority of customers. Octagonal pavilion wood used in the cell, beautifully generous use it to decorate your garden with the garden, filling a style.

WPC Pavilion Features:

1. Easy to install, convenient to construction, easy to clean, time-saving and cost-saving for installation.
2.Safe to use for 25 years.
3. Good processing features, Can be nailed, planed, cut, drilled, surface can be painted.
4. No need to maintain, easy to clean, save the maintenance fees.
5.Eco friendly, Innovative technology, Lifestyle
6.No strict requirements on the composition, satisfy the needs of the garden feature, you can patterning needs from landscape architecture space, the freedom to organize, to maximize their garden art features.