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Q?What are Forestar WPC decking and others made of?
The raw material of Forestar WPC decking and others: 60% bamboo powder, 28% HDPE, 12% additive. It is co-extruded with a polyethylene top layer for ultra low-maintenance performance. We can also adjust the formula of raw material according to your request.
Q?WPC flooring application environment?
Wood Flooring There are various models, each model has a corresponding application areas. Physical and chemical properties than the floor is exposed to the application, it will lead to the destruction of products, creating a safety hazard. Hollow flooring products suitable for personal home use, can not be used in public places of high traffic high load. We recommend using public places solid sheet. Wood Flooring should avoid heavy impact, long-term contact with water, corrosive chemical attacks and other application areas.
Q?Cold weather on WPC influential?
Overlord grade cold wave came, and all aspects of people's lives have a significant impact, especially in icy, difficulty walking, so such a low temperature of our WPC has no impact? The answer is yes, because the wood plastic components accounted for a large proportion, so very cold weather because of the hard and brittle, but the minimum temperature up to minus 40 degrees, so the next WPC in cold weather outdoor field of building materials performance is still good.
Q?When WPC floor installation, the need to stay the gap?
Yes, taking into account drainage, cleaning and minor thermal expansion / contraction and other factors, when the WPC profile installation, edge-to-edge between, you must head to head proper clearance. WPC will not be wet and dry environments and expand and contract, but according to the change in temperature has a certain degree of expansion and contraction, and therefore side to side and head-to-heads are no gaps, especially in the winter when the installation Pay special attention.
Q?WPC storage and maintenance?
To learn how to store wood and wood maintenance problem, we need to understand some of the characteristics of wood: Because wood is around the wood fibers and other natural fibers wrapped in a layer of plastic layer, wood water absorption is very low. It is suitable for the waterfront landscape. Wood and wood general comparison, much more important than the wood, usually in the 1.1 to 1.18, while the proportion of timber is generally 0.4 to 0.7, even with a large proportion of hardwood, the proportion of only about 1.0. Therefore, under the same volume of wood is much heavier. In order to reduce the weight of wood products, foaming can be taken to change the profile cross-sectional shape, structure, design methods. A: wood storage methods: It can be bent by heating wood. And the right amount of wood is bent to a certain degree. So the long-term storage, attention should be placed on flat ground, to prevent deformation. II: WPC maintenance, maintenance: Given the advantages of wood, even in outdoor sun and wind, wood will not rot, crack or fracture, in addition also has UV resistance, so the wood does not require special maintenance. This allows future wood product management becomes very easy.