• Motonovo Finance


Godfreys Of Horsham are pleased to announce they have partnered with the UK’s largest independent finance provider!

We are excited for so many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • With extremely strong regulation from the FCA, MotoNovo Finance enables us to offer market leading products to assist you the very best methods to purchase your new car with us.
  • Every customer with MotoNovo can take advantage of Discount Shopping - helping reduce your outgoings moving forward!
  • Every Customer will have the option to "Self Serve" their finance agreement- meaning you can do it in the comfort of your own home- no personal details asked from us!
  • Flexibility- you can manage and control your own finance. Overpayments and early settlement are all promoted with no penalisation meaning you can save money or change the car early.
  • The finance is borrowed against an asset, meaning you are more likely to be accepted for the car than a personal loan.

There are many methods to funding your car, Roger Simmons our Sales Executive can assist you in deciding which method suits you the best.

HP- Hire Purchase. The traditional method to funding a vehicle. Once all payments have been made, the vehicle is yours to keep. ideal for customers looking to own a vehicle for a longer period of time who may have a larger deposit/part exchange to help reduce the monthly cost.

PCP- Personal Contract Purchase. Ideal for vehicles aged up to 5 years, 70,000 Miles at the start. Enables our customers to purchase a newer, lower mileage vehicle with a small deposit by offsetting a certain percentage of the vehicles value until the end. At the end, you have 3 options;

  1. Part Exchange, release any equity that maybe in the vehicle and use to purchase another vehicle
  2. Hand the Vehicle back and walk away ( subject to condition/mileage)
  3. Pay the offset value and own the vehicle

Majority of vehicles under 12 months of age are funded using a PCP which enables customer to have a vehicle but with the view they wish to change it at regular intervals.

What ever your position, please speak with us to find out the right way forward!